Ampderg – A Tale Of A Different Time | Future Garage

(You can check out the fanfic right here for more understanding for the song and upcoming album, and more chapters are to come!)

What is like to be a princess that just smiles and waves or, for that matter, is continually used as a prop? This song and the one chapter fanfic that goes with it creates a veil of mystery for one Princess Icicle. She remembers the Crystal Faire, which takes place the one day every year that she comes out of her castle to mingle with her subjects, but she remembers little else, and her guards are always eager to get her back into the castle. When she talks to her subjects, they ask her questions for which she feels she should have answers but she doesn’t. The song’s lyrics, told by Icicle herself, relate these feelings and the visions she is getting. The music is this mixture of an upbeat yet mysterious bassline and drops along with ultra fun pounding bass, and these elements and the song’s harmonies create the feeling of “there is more going on here, Princess, and you know it”. As the lyrics start describing more of Icicle’s desire to get to the bottom of what is going on (I will not spoil it for you–read the fanfic to find out more!), the track starts to fade, and as she starts to fall from the sky the real story begins. The lyric video that goes with this track is very fitting for the energy of the music, and the combination really adds to the sense of mystery! This song is a banger for sure, but read the fic too to get the full experience! As always this Qilin asks for you to judge for yourself.


One thought on “Ampderg – A Tale Of A Different Time | Future Garage

  1. MLPSolarDash1907 says:

    I read the fanfic and listened to the song, and I’ve got to say it’s very very bizarre on what’s been going on here.

    Yeah, the feeling of just smiling and waving and being unable to answer questions is a rough one, and I felt bad for her in that sense. 😦

    The song was very well done, atmospheric, and fits in line with the theme of the fanfic. I’m intrigued to see where in the world this fic and music go next. 🙂

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