Thunder Dash – The Overcomers | Piano Solo

This encouraging new track from Thunder Dash embodies the message of overcoming life’s many obstacles.  The piece is divided into three distinct movements, all representing different phases of the life’s journey.  A light and happy melody, introduced at the beginning and played throughout, produces an overall feel of positivity and optimism.  This melody, however, falters deliberately at times, suggesting that life is not perfect, but it’s important to keep on going despite obstacles and mistakes.  A darker section in the middle of the piece seems to represent the times when life’s struggles can feel almost overwhelming; the times when doubt and fear obscure our vision of the light at the end of the tunnel.  However, joyful and encouraging tones quickly return, reminding us that life’s obstacles do not represent the end of the road and do not need to be permanent roadblocks that define us.  For all of us who falter or fall at times, the message of this piece is to always get back up and to keep pushing forward with hope and determination.  With major and minor key shifts and changes from higher to lower registers on the piano, life’s hills and valleys is clearly depicted, but the piece ends on a high note of victory over life’s struggles. 


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