Aurelleah – Lex Aeterna | Hybrid Orchestral

I want to start off this article by telling you that as someone who fights with my own brain and being familiar to the issues of having ADHD and anxiety and what comes with those battles, I can very much understand Aurelleah’s own struggles. I found out from a friend of mine that Aurelleah has had to face those same issues and more. However as he had said, he fought hard with determination and fortitude, and he has finished his first piece of fandom music in 3 years! Given how epic this piece is, I say it’s a very inspiring thing to do; mental illness doesn’t wait for you, it just hits and affects you at any time. Pushing on and keeping going is not easy. After I heard this piece of music, I heard the love and passion in it. There are so many elements blending together in the work itself; you’re treated to a soft opening of light and soft melodies of pianos, acoustic guitar, and soft vocal harmonies along with some lore to the song in the video, and then you get the start of the song.

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Aurelleah clearly has an understanding of how to blend sounds together, because you’re hit with the mixture of drums and guitar supporting the melodies of the classical orchestral piano, brass, string instruments. It’s just so glorious and gorgeous! You can even hear a bit of harp and even a lute in there! The emotion of the track was inspired by the final trials of Twilight Sparkle in the series finale. Judging by the fanart of this video, this is what I see: as this song is playing, I picture a fully armored Twilight Sparkle after believing she let everyone down when so much was at stake coming to fight and take down Chrysalis, Cozy Glow and Tirek. If you really listen to the track, you can definitely feel yourself in her shoes after her friends reminded her who she is and believed in her when she didn’t! The ups and downs of the track really play into Twilight’s big character moments in the season 9 finale!

But it’s everything that Twilight has been through in the whole series and her character growth, how inspiring she has been, and her will to unite Equestria in the darkest of times that led her to becoming the character she was meant to be! The thumbnail image along with the ups and down of the arrangement of this track shows Twilight reaching her true power as a character and becoming a powerful force to be dealt with as an alicorn. Driven by the power of friendship and love for her friends and the other races she fought so hard to forge friendships with, the battle was intense as she and everypony and every race came together to overcome the odds! In the end, Twilight becomes the character every brony knew she would. Aurelleah has not lost a step at all. My word, you make inspiring pieces of music and show just how awesome orchestral bronies are! As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


3 thoughts on “Aurelleah – Lex Aeterna | Hybrid Orchestral

  1. MLPSolarDash1907 says:

    Now this was a very well done piece of art here. 🙂 The artist put an amazing amount of work in it and I’m impressed this is his first piece. 🙂 It really reflects Twilight throughout nine seasons of growth and maturity until she became the mare she was by the end. 🙂

    Great job! 😀

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