[Equinity] SP1TF1R3 – Insecta Regno | Melbourne Bounce

IggieBlackIce has started a trend in this fandom. Melbourne Bounce is just a very energy-fueled genre that you can’t help but get into the uptempo style of electro house known for its use of deep bass horns. That is what makes it so fun to listen to. So what happens when you mix this sound with a bit of Russian flare and Queen Chrysalis? One of the best tracks on Equinity 04: Immersion! At track 34, you’re treated to a song about old Chrysi going insane, wanting vengeance and being an overbearing cocky bug queen. The vocal chops flip some awesome Chrysi moments (some of which come from her fight with Starlight Glimmer) which plays into the beat of the song well. This song plays into why Chrysi is one of the most beloved villains behind Nightmare Moon by so many bronies. The elements of the track play right into her moods: cocky, crazy and wanting revenge. The structure of this track just plays those factors so well. This also happens to be SP1TF1R3’s first time making a major compilation album; I’d say this song’s fitting for that. Queen Chrysalis fans rejoice as this track is the prime track for your beloved bug queen! As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.

PS: Qilin is pronounced as kee-lin to let you guys know.


5 thoughts on “[Equinity] SP1TF1R3 – Insecta Regno | Melbourne Bounce

  1. MLPSolarDash1907 says:

    Now, this was a great tribute to my favorite MLP villain of all time! 😀 Fun to listen to, dark, energetic, and fitting with the evil queen’s terror and hatred towards ponykind, especially Starlight and Twilight.

    Well done, artist! 🙂

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  2. Piximal64 says:

    This was a good piece. It sounded like a saxophone trying to be techno and heavy metal at once, yet somehow still good, and a good representation of Chrysalis’s evil ambitions. On a side note, this would make great boss music if she were in a video game. And of, Mr. Qilin, your description is spot on. Good job!😊👍

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