RedSpark – Battle, Fallen and Epilogue | Orchestral / Soundtrack

In this finale to his concept series, A Tale of Starlight, RedSpark introduces Battle, Fallen and Epilogue – a stirring musical rendering of Starlight Glimmer’s epic battle with evil forces after Twilight became ruler of Equestria.  Each movement of the piece corresponds to a scene in the story.  First, a gentle piano accompanied by strings sets the stage of the calm before the storm of battle.  Next, we hear the sound of war drums, choirs, and horns with a “Pirates of the Caribbean” feel, marking the breakout of an epic confrontation.  After this, the music transitions into solemn strings and choirs, and we feel that the enemy has struck our hero to the ground.  A grand orchestral section eventually whittles down to a few keys on the piano, conveying uncertainty and the possibility that the hero has suffered defeat.  Gradually, however, with resolute strings and horns, the music builds and crescendos into strength and hopefulness.  We can hear that our hero has risen to launch one last attack against the enemy – an attack that vanquishes the darkness once and for all!  A victorious anthem plays to signify the heroes reveling in triumph!  To convey the journey of the exhausted but triumphant warriors as they head homeward, a soothing piano melody wafts over the listener like a lullaby.  Don’t miss this inspiring orchestral piece that beautifully concludes this inspiring saga following Starlight Glimmer in her epic battle against evil, and also be sure to check out RedSpark’s full story behind the music, A Tale of Starlight, on Fimfiction, as well!


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