Altius Volantis – Winter Sunrise | Orchestral

Written as the theme for the upcoming online convention, Snowfall ONLINE 2021, this track skillfully depicts a winter sunrise with its brisk beauty tinged with the harshness of the season.  An ongoing tension can be felt throughout, as if the earth is slumbering, but mysteries yet to be revealed are hidden beneath its surface, ready to burst forth with spring’s arrival.  In the intro, the sound of church bells carried along by brisk winds immediately brings to mind the mingling of winter’s playful and harsher elements.  Strings play a slightly melancholy yet hopeful melody, while plucky sounds create an upbeat, “frolicking-through-the-snow mood.  Gentle bells suggest winter delight and tranquility, but heavier strings intermittently suggest its darker side.  Layer by layer, the piece adds more and more instruments as the track progresses.  Finally, however, the piece reverts back to the church bells that sounded at the beginning.  I’m sure the attendees will enjoy listening to it as they attend the convention. Enjoy this contrast of the dark and bright elements of winter!


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