[Equinity] The Empty Tomb – INSECT | Complextro

Welcome to Round 2 of Queen Chrysalis on Equinity 04: Immersion, only this time, she is much colder and calculating (does the thumbnail art say no more?) but still just as arrogant! Insecta Regno was only half of this tale, a tale about how much we like the crazy bug queen. This song by The Empty Tomb, Oh…boy, those vocal chops bring a chill to your spine with this dead serious build-up behind those vocal chops. This trance-like melody with such a malicious undertone really sells it as you hear Chrissy speak and unleash that laugh. The song then only has one last thing to do–unleash the Minions! The drops and beats perfectly sound off on the changeling drones doing Chrissy’s bidding. You wonder how she lost in the season 6 finale in the first place! Man, the air raid siren in the background, along with the sounds of her insidious plan coming to fruition. What a great track about just how vile Queen Chrysalis really is. As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


3 thoughts on “[Equinity] The Empty Tomb – INSECT | Complextro

  1. Piximal64 says:

    This is music that tries to be both gentle and horrifying. If Queen Chrysalis’s Hive had a theme, this would be it. It would be the perfect lead up to the final battle; like a level to the final boss of a video game. Delicate yet edgy, this theme is perfect, and your description fits as well Mr. Qilin.🙂👍

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    • Yeah The Empty Tomb really 🎯 with this track about how to describe the sinister genius of the bug Queen dude. One of the highlights in Equinity 4. The Empty Tomb is respect for his work because of tracks of this caliber my friend.

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