PeKaNo – Luna’s Sky | Trance

Upbeat EDM might not be the type of music you may expect from a piece titled “Luna’s Sky.”  With such a peaceful sounding name, I imagined some gentle orchestral sounds.  However, experimental producer PeKaNo has taken a surprising approach to this track, melding ambient sounds one might expect from a peaceful tribute to the night sky with an epic trance beat that seems to showcase the explosive supernovas and epic events that also characterize the heavens.  Gentle piano notes like the twinkling of countless stars flavor the background of the piece and suggest the gentle piercing of the nighttime sky by Luna’s protective voice as she declares her love for the night and promises to guard those under her care.  This inspired strong emotions in me as I listened, as did the epic crescendo at the end of the piece.  The contrast of gentle ambience with upbeat drums powerfully depicts the true majesty of the night sky.  While the peaceful beauty of Luna’s sky radiates down to the world below, there is also an unseen war in the heavens, as stars and planets supernova and galaxies are born.  I, for one, love to imagine Luna herself in full battle gear, dodging explosions and battling nightmares in defense of the world below.  Allow this entrancing piece to transport you to worlds unseen as you hear the struggles of war in the heavens as they mingle with the majestic tranquility of Luna’s sky!


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