SpinScissor – IN MOTION | Future Bass/Midtempo

New information and character designs from MLP G5 have recently been released, and the fandom has been quick to respond, especially with music inspired by the upcoming generation.  SpinScissor, a newer artist on the scene, has jumped on the G5 train as well, presenting an upbeat track that features a diverse instrumental with interesting melodies and rhythms.  A fun drop section with a futuristic vibe, quirky sound design, and pony vocal chops carrying several different melodies all fit together wonderfully in this playful piece.  In the final drop, SpinScissor really lives up to his name with what feels like a quirky conglomeration of funky sounds and melodies that had me imagining random objects spinning around but somehow bringing hope in the midst of glorious chaos.  It’s as if we are hearing random thunder and watching strips of almost indiscernible light in the night sky until, suddenly, the thunder and light explode into a glorious display of fireworks and the mystery is revealed.   

There have been many theories as to what G5 will be, but until the day it is released, it’s an exciting mystery, and this track perfectly depicts the wildly conflicting emotions surrounding that anticipation.  In such uncertainty, one thing we know.  Fireworks are coming!  To quote one of my fellow writers at HMH, DrakeEmberHeart, “Art influences art.”  That art – those “fireworks” that we all create in this fandom – causes chain reactions, inspiring others and bringing people from all walks of life together, creating more than any single one of us could ever dream of on our own!


2 thoughts on “SpinScissor – IN MOTION | Future Bass/Midtempo

  1. gamenotover1921 says:

    The art of your writing influenced mine. Also, yes, for a new artist, SpinScissor has got some pretty interesting stuff. Thank you for the compliment, too.:)


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