Dandelion & Alex – PonyTron-Ic 2000 | Synthwave

Here we go, everypony! After Dandelion had Alex perform “Art Of The Dress” and make a stunning cover out of it, the duo have now picked up the EDM music again and made this fantastic original piece.
The song starts out with a slow build up that includes a lovely piano, and then we get the first of many vocal chops taken from both pony games and the show. Then we get the first drop and, oh god, it’s amazing! The drop is an astounding explosion of Synth melodies, and it’s just lovely! The song then doesn’t calm down for a while; when it does we once more get a focus on the main leads that Alex made. Later, intro-ed by a rarity vocal chop straight from the show, we get another build up, and then we get the amazing drop again, this time also featuring claps which give it just this last bit of fullness and make it so much more awesome. To end the song we get some more vocal chops, and the track slowly goes silent.

This article was proofread by theCANderson; big thanks to him!


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