[Equinity] Proto_ssin & GrazySmash – Depth (Part One) | Trance

Today we’ve got ourselves a lovely collab from GrazySmash and Proto_ssin straight from the newest Equinity Album “Immersion“!
This song starts out with amazing choirs that give this deeply immersed and epic feeling that later transitions into a lovely melody after which the song fully starts with the main beat. After a while the main synth joins in, and the song experiences a slight change as the intensity ramps up. The drop is prefaced by a little text in the video, and then it’s just a fun trance explosion of upbeat synths that still seem sad. After the drop the song calms down a lot just to pick up again later, and it maintains this energy until the end.

This thing was proofread by theCANderson, big thanks to him!


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