Noizzer – Catacombs EP | Ambient / Experimental

There’s something to be said for musicians that embrace their musical past and acknowledge it for what it is rather than deleting everything, and Noizzer’s re-release of this very early work admirably embraces that ethos with aplomb. As the album description says, the premise of the album is that Discord has imprisoned Twilight in a catacomb, and she must now find her way out. It’s some of Noizzer’s earliest work, so he cautions the listener about the quality, but I thought that it was a really cool concept that actually resulted in some interesting and enjoyable music. Let’s dive into what Nozzier came up with!

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Clocksworth Pittop – The album begins with a light but ominous melody and some light percussion. Everything sounds a bit electronic and fuzzy, and when the songbirds start to sing there is a robotic, distorted nature to their song letting you know that something is amiss. The maze then shifts and solidifies as ambient sounds blend with subtle, rhythmic distortion as Twilight takes stock of Discord’s twisted trap.

Samply – A short track that opens with a couple of complimentary melodies, one of which sets an uneasy mood while the other sounds a bit more like an alarm toning in the background. Then the static-laden percussion kicks in, and the mix starts shifting from ear to ear as Twilight ventures down a corridor while being bombarded by the sounds of heavy machinery.

Hungery Chamber – A disorienting combination of fuzzed out percussion, a blaring alarm, and a quick melody greets Twilight as she enters the chamber. The pads create a really cool, almost bubbling texture, and the percussion that gets added and switched out as the song progresses gives the impression of passing various apparatus while moving along. A few notes signal the end of this machination and the start of another discordant challenge.

SolidyFi the Wicked – The maze dissolves, and Twilight is sent tumbling through a series of disjointed visions as melodies join snippets of basslines and percussion. A few almost triumphant synth melodies seem to indicate the end of the turbulence, but Discord’s best trick is often deception, and Twilight is once again battered by the Catacombs as the muffled percussion fuses with the melodies. A return to the main theme reinforces that our hero’s journey isn’t over yet!

Bonemender Cage – Hey, Discord’s not all bad! He’ll put you back together after he takes you apart! I mean, maybe not EXACTLY how you were put together before… A quick bit of ambience, and Twilight is right as chocolate rain.

Clocksworth Botton – A reprisal of the main theme signals…a return to the beginning of the maze? Was the exit right behind Twilight the whole time? A bit of ambience, and Twilight opens the exit (entrance?) Or did Discord open it for her?

Overall, this was a really interesting musical journey, and I appreciate the inventive soundscapes that Nozzier created in this early effort. I would definitely recommend it for anyone that’s looking for something a little different, something to keep your brain on its toes without becoming truly menacing. I hope that you will check it out! Please also give a listen to their new album, Fiction, for some awesome Starlight-themed ambience!


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