Avicii – The Nights | House

Today, as part of our format change, I’m going to talk about the song “The Nights” from the late EDM wonder Avicii. The track starts out with a short, but amazing “Hey!” to introduce the lyrics. The vocals in the first verse talk all about the younger years where you learn your lessons and make memories, and how throughout all of that we always have the support of our parents. Our goal should be to face our fears and embrace challenges so that we live a life worth remembering. All this is accompanied by some more “Hey!”s and this amazing folk-like instrumental, as well as the amazing beats Avicii is famous for. As we get closer to the drop the folk elements take a backseat, and the awesome House beats and a lovely piano take over. Introduced by the short line “My father told me”, we get our build up, joined again by some “Hey!”s, this time with added clapping, and then we come to the drop – and oh my god – this drop is one of the best I have ever heard! It’s a fun melody joined by strings to make the perfect House drop. The drop is short and sweet, and afterwards we get straight back to the lyrics telling us to do big things: to “carve your name into those shining stars” and to not throw our life away. Soon after we get the amazing house beats that are just a pleasure to listen to. After that we once again come to the pre-drop lyrics, and the beat gets even better with all sorts of fun things attached, and then we get into the build up again. The drop once again is just a fun explosion of all things House and those awesome strings. We end the whole thing on one last “My father told me”, and then the song fades out. I can’t tell you enough how great this song is, and I implore you all to listen for yourselves!

New site, old friends, and this article is again proofread by Chris Anderson, big thanks to him!


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