Victor M – Complicated | House

Greetings everyone, I know this is very awkward coming from me. As you know from the news article posted on HMH this morning, significant changes were just put in place. I was not too pleased about the new format, and I let my opinions be known.

However, I will be using my real name from now on, writing these articles as Patrick Myers. I will always be DrakeEmberHeart in your hearts and minds. I was even able to keep that as my posting name, at least. I am going to terribly miss covering the unbelievable talent we used to cover. However, life changes, and you got to move forward. As a professional, I must do my job by still giving you write-ups on the best music worldwide. I will still give it the same effort I always give – just for more mature music this time. I’m Patrick Myers, and on to the music!

Without missing a beat – Oh boy! – we got ourselves a beach banger by Victor M. There are the very sizzling beats with a Latino flare in this jam that makes you want to tango with that lady you have your eyes on, but question if she wants you! There are some fantastic bongo beats and a hot romantic groove, with lyrics that keep you on your toes about what she wants! This is the kind of style that House Music Herald is looking to bring to you: sexy, hot beats to keep your hunger for fad music going! To new beginnings! I’m Patrick Myers, and I ask you to decide for yourself.


One thought on “Victor M – Complicated | House

  1. MLPSolarDash1907 says:

    Again, so sorry about the name change, but if you’re willing to send me more music to listen to and let you know what I think, I will do so. 🙂

    Anywho, this track is pretty decent, fitting for the beach and a good time there. 🙂 Kudos to the artist. 🙂

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