Avicii – Waiting for Love | House

Hey everyone! I know that we’re going through a bit of a format change here, but for those of you who are struggling to cope, maybe I can offer a bit of help: This absolute gem of a progressive house track! The subject matter is something that I’m sure that you’re already on board with: The ability of love to overcome all obstacles. Avicii delivers that message through a stirring song that opens with some great keys, pulsing synth, and outstanding vocal work from Simon Aldred, the former lead singer of the band Cherry Ghost. As the masterful house beat kicks in, an arpeggiated synth melody joins in the background, which creates some really nice depth to the mix. As the song heads through the chorus it builds slightly, and then, rather than drop, it fades out before percolating back to life and going through a couple of combinations of the main melody prior to another build and a subtle drop that isn’t over the top but fits the progression of the song really well, ultimately leading back into the vocals. The mini build ups and fall offs and arrangement changes throughout the song really give it the feeling of a journey, and the accompanying video plays up to this really well as the protagonist searches for his missing love through an unlikely and delightful adventure. I also highly recommend checking out the excellent animated lyric video, but I caution that watching it may activate a strong ocular and nasal response. Thanks for reading, and may your home be filled with house music!

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