Japkozjad & Altius Volantis – Smile! | Glitch Hop

Today we’ve got ourselves a special collaboration, everypony! Join me as Japkozjad and Altius Volantis show us what Polish bronies can do! The song starts out with a slow melody, and quickly we get to the build up. The build up itself works only with drums and overall is very reminiscent of TheFatRat’s “Unity“. Afterwards we get into a different melody, this time made up of the bass and drums. The main melody quickly joins in to create a melodically awesome arrangement that has it all, and the background rattle gives it this wonderful, filled sound. Some awesome Pinkie vocals are then added; after a bit the vocals and main synth drop out only to rejoin, quietly at first, and then getting progressively louder. After a while we get another of these awesome drum build ups that culminates in a slightly different melody where the drums intercut the main melody. This goes for a small bit until we return to our main melody and the vocal chops. For the ending we get a combination of the vocal chops and a slightly higher pitched synth.

This article was proofread by theCANderson so big thanks to him!


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