Sound Bandit x Chuckles – Hype Music | Hip-Hop

Have you gotten caught up in the G5 hype yet? There has been a flurry of art and music inspired by the small bit of animation and art that has found its way out of Hasbro HQ, and DustCar Race 17 focused on G5 as inspiration for its participants’ tunes. Sound Bandit (rocking the sick beats) and Chuckles (providing the slick lyrics) teamed up to make this fantastic track that discusses the perils of getting excited about an unreleased film for which fans have few specifics. The creative drive of the fandom has started to generate its own theories, weave its own stories, and push an uncertain narrative at a rapid pace. Will we be satisfied with what is ultimately released? The duo suggests that it doesn’t matter and that, in the absence of concrete information, the whims of the movie’s creators are irrelevant. There is a compelling argument here to get caught up in the hype if you’re ready and willing. It’s not House music, but I hope that you’ll enjoy it all the same!


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