Chang31ing – 4DaPlot (feat. mycutiemarkisagun) (TCB Remix) | Dubstep

(Listen to the equally ridiculous original Here)

Geez, I listen to the original done by over-the-top goofballs of the brony musician community in Chang31ing and Mcmiag making this kind of over-the-top dank nonsense as I inspect them too. I wasn’t inspecting TCB, however, to not only to up the nonsense meter to past ten and make things kinkier. TCB makes a remix that will have you laughing, but you will be vibing to it. The beats are super banging with that trademark Machine gun bass drops the litter this track behind the various silly vocal chops through this track. Just listen to this track and understand that SOMEHOW TCB managed to make something danker and entertaining, don’t mind the artwork, or just ask more questions you don’t want to know, LOL. As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself. Maybe really more so this time…


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