SeriousDamir – Changeling Attack | Eurobeat

Eurobeat with heavy metal mixed into it. SeriousDamir has recently been popping up in the Brony music scene, making some noise and making a few compilation albums. There is a pretty good reason why.

When you listen to this, you may just be thrown off by the righteous heavy metal guitar because you’re expecting Eurobeat! Fear not because the metal elements side right in the drop that kicks off the high-energy Eurobeat. This song is entertaining with this tale of Queen Chrysalis and her horde on the assault and will make you bounce as you this. The lyrics are hyper and tell the ponies’ story trying to endure the attack; all why doubting that the changelings would not do this is if not for Queen Chrysalis. The lyrics kind of hint at the reformed changelings, the season 6 finale to further that point. The music itself is some serious fun with how upbeat and intense the Eurobeat elements are. The metal guitar riffs always have a part in supporting the strength of this song’s composition, adding some added bang to the track. I can only hope that SeriousDamir keeps getting better, and this song is a good sign. As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.

P.S: He is also a pretty good artist, as he did the Queen Chrissy thumbnail. be sure to check out his DA linked in the video’s info section!


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