Tw3Lv3 – One Small Thing | Album | Multi-Genre

When this song hit the fandom back in late 2020, nobody had any idea just how dire we needed this. Yes, you have your fandom anthems about how great and fun the fandom is. But this track that Tw3Lv3, Drummershy, Koa, and MC-Arch did. It spoke a message we needed to hear. The “friendship” part of all of this. The core of it for being a true brony. With how bad 2020 was. The lyrics and energy that rained down from this fandom were a breath of fresh air. This song inspired others again. A song about having that one spark or moment of friendship, support, love, or kindness is all you may need to start turning things around. The message was inspiring and one of the biggest bangers of 2020. How inspiring? Enough of some of the fandom’s best talents today to recreate the power of this track in a list of different genres and styles of expression on how this song inspired them. Suppose you listen to each of these tracks. They will speak to you about how each of them inspired them as it brings out the different strengths of the track. Let’s check them out!

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–Tw3Lv3 – One Small Thing (feat. Drummershy, Koa & MC-Arch) | Progressive House

Ah yes, what has not already been said about this absolute banger about how a little bit of friendship can be all boost you needed. We have the original, but you also get a radio edit, A extended version, and a gorgeous never-before herd acoustic version. All with the differences in sounds and structures and their charm! You get to hear the range Tw3lv3 can do. Now you get to hear just how much others have been inspired by how game-changing this track was when it was born on ASOS: Chocolate! Now onto
the remixes!

–One Small Thing (feat. Drummershy, Koa & MC​-​Arch) [Cloud Motion Remix] | Drum & Bass

We start things off with a very dynamic and supercharged version of this song in the flavor of Cloud Motion’s D&B! The perfect genre to express the motivational spark of this track. Tw3Lv3’s harmonies have been given some hyper-dash drum run and gun flare, with the sped-up vocals given Koa’s lyrics a motor to express this message of friendship. The most intense part of this song is just how fast Arch’s rhymes are, and yet there is a neat transition between him and Koa’s lyrics that flow nicely with the fast pace of the remix. The entanglement of Koa’s and Arch’s parts makes the message of the friendship all the more clear! Great start to these remixes!

–One Small Thing (feat. Drummershy, Koa & MC​-​Arch) [WhirlyTail Remix] | Happy Hardcore

I really should have known that my boi WhirlyTail would take up remixing this track because I don’t know! The message of the whole song screams his style of happy hardcore! The Whirly’s credit, he does disappoint here. There is the crazy heavy bass, along with his significant, bright, bold, and over-the-top happy elements, that he is known for added insanity to any track he does. Tw3Lv3’s wonderful melodies are infused with Whirly’s neck-breaking speed and loud and heart-pounding epic siren harmonies that syn with the beauty of Tw3Lv3’s composition! It is delightful! Whirly, My friend, you did it again!

–One Small Thing (feat. Drummershy, Koa & MC​-​Arch) [Auvenil remix] | Happy Hardcore

I’m am noticing a trend about these first three remixes. When I hear Auvenil’s go at this. I hear happy hardcore with Ultra and breathtaking epicness. The bass drops have been turned into as you living this song through an epic boss fight, and your party is the underdogs. As in every remix, Koa’s and Arch’s lyrics are mixed to fit the style. In the case of Auvenil. It is big and magical! You listen to the build-up to the drops, BOOM! You get these vast and epic hardcore bass ringing with these harmonies and keyboard notes that make you want to get up and do something great! and hey its works. The theme of this remix most of all reminds you of the “One Small Thing” message. The big and JRPG score puts the motivational energy right in your face. I loved this, so big and bold!

–One Small Thing (feat. Drummershy, Koa & MC​-​Arch) [TCB remix] | Future Trap

We move from hyper and fast, To smooth and stylish. One brony musician know for that, TCB! His trademark bass claps and clicks are here, but we’ll get very melodious with creativity. From the pitch of Koa’s vocals to the use of Drummershy’s drum solo sped up to fantastic speed for an epic first drop. The beat then switches these bass claps mixed these elements that are wavily and hype. Once you reach Arch’s Rhyme’s, the song slows down to a treat of Volin and piano melodies that make you stop and think about the song’s message. The tempo changes are very stylish and seem to play the song’s overall message of pre friendship, and how we all different but one moment could all you need to find your way! TCB, you made another banger, my friend! Those peppers did not change the way to make music!

–One Small Thing (feat. Drummershy, Koa & MC​-​Arch) [Blackened Blue Cover] | Hard Rock

We’re getting a bit of everything here on the album, as I said in my solo article for it. Blackened has put his hard rock and nu-metal style into the very core of Tw3lv3 melodies, and it is glorious! It fits right in to give the positive vibe of the track more of an edge. Oh, and his singing with Koa’s lyrics is chilling to the ears. You also hear his range as a guitar player, which even opened my eyes a bit! A solid outing from blackened my friends!

–One Small Thing (feat. Drummershy, Koa & MC​-​Arch) [Nicolas Dominique Remix] | Trance

Oh, Speaking of magical styles! Long-time brony musician Nicolas Dominique takes on this song. Beautiful is not the word for it, my fellow bronies. This remix is perfect for the style of Koa’s vocals and emotions! Like holy mother of Celestia. The old-school trance melodies give this track aura of purity. Think about epic music scores like on movies like the “Never Ending Story.” The kind of music the tells a story. This style of music is perfect for the message of “One small thing.” Once it switches over to MC-Arch’s part, The remix becomes more of a dream state of taking over as you take in Arch’s words of true friendship. The melodies bring out the strength of this track, calm beats, epic harmonies, and chill drums, and Trance is a genre built for songs full of positive, uplifting essence such as this song. Marvelous!

–One Small Thing (feat. Drummershy, Koa & MC​-​Arch) [TotalSpark remix] | Piano Instrumental

We get a real treat to close this remix album. Totalspark a talent with his singing and musical composition. Shows then even the cleanest and purest sounds, nothing fancy or significant, can express the beauty of this great song. The vocals of the track are heard throughout Totalsparks playing. Music is one of its most classical and purest forms are done right. The message of one little spark or act of kindness is heard here loud and clear. Try not to have tears form in your eyes as you hear this track close things out for a great remix album.

Did you enjoy that? Are you feeling better or have a 2nd wind about things? Good! What a fantastic ride through the talents of these musicians! Spread this around and let the positive vibe of this song be heard by those that need it! As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself!


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