Daniel Ingram – Music in the Treetops (SpinScissor Remix) | House

Today we get a brand new remix from SpinScissor, this time of a lovely show song that hasn’t quite gotten the attention it deserves. This track starts out with just the melody accompanied by some awesome Flutterchops, and it slowly builds up until we get the awesome vocals that build everything up even more before we get some more instrumental. In what might be the quickest final build up I’ve ever heard we get to a drop made of the sweetest of melodies and the most melodic yellow horse noises. As the drop ends the vocals set back in, and we’re treated to another combination of first lyrics and then lovely instrumental. This time the drop just sets in as part of the instrumental with next to no build up, something I’ve never heard before but definitely enjoyed. As sort of a final act of this second drop SpinScissor combines the drop with the awesome lyrics and ends the song on a lovely last bit of instrumental.

This article was proofread by theCANderson, so big thanks to him.


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