[P@D] RKDM – Superstratus | Electro

Here it is, the first pre-release track from Ponies At Dawn’s newest Compilation album, “Oceansong“. And what a banger it is! RKDM brings us this awesome Electro song called “Superstratus”, and it is indeed super! With a sort of chiptune sound to it and a lot of awesome pony vocal chops, this song blew my expectations away, and I’m sure that it will exceed yours, too! One special thing I want to point out is that, for the first drop, we start with the normal build up and stuff, but when we all wait to jump RKDM completely breaks our expectation and starts this drop completely muffled. It’s one of many interesting narrative decisions throughout a song that is simultaneously summery and intense!
Proofread by theCANderson, so big thanks to him!


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