PumpkinZ – Diamonds and Spoons 2021 | Melodic Dubstep

(You can see just how far PumpkinZ has come with this remake by listening to the original here!)

Ah, this track is the perfect showcase of how far you can come in just a year. To learn for yourself, listen to the original real close. I’m sure you’ll hear the more vibrant and colorful melodies that give this track just a little more of a spark. Charming and wholesome to your ears. Your notice the keyboard too! Adding a luxurious vibe to this composition, it’s like you’re enjoying a super amazing sleepover with the reformed bullies over at Diamond’s big mansion! The vocal chops add a flavor of them having a good time with friends. This remake shows you that a musician’s talent can improve with little feedback and help from good friends (thanks TCB and JohnKenza!).


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