[P@D] Blackened Blue – Down Below | Metalcore

My buddy Blackened I like to say, is an all-around musician who, if you pay close attention, has a knack for blending all rock and metal styles for a gateway of the story he is trying to tell. The emotion of a lost pony at sea in this Metalcore typhoon on P@D: Oceansong. The deep and darkest parts of the deep equestrian oceanic are places that no creature dares goes. Even the Seaponies dare not go there! Blackened blends, Metal, Hard, and a tad bit of classic rock elements to tell this story of the pony facing the end of the line with his shipmates already gone. Or soo it seems. His lyrics dive into the emotion of fight for survival, and man does his screams hammer the desperation! The melodies pull you that way until “a friend in the darkest hour” comes into play. The Salor, at the moment of death, is saved! Not to die drowning that day, a group of sea ponies who seen the ship go down from the sky as hippogriffs dove in to make the save! But grimly, he only survivor as the song seems to come across. Blackened sure has grown in taking his skill in making excellent metal and added this skill to his name. Great stuff. As s always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


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