[P@D] TCB – Forever Is Nothing | Future Bass

(TCB has evolved this track over the years! The Orignal here! And the VIP remix here!)
(DrakeEmberHeart and ExplodingPonyToast co-writes this article for HMH)
I admit that I came very late to the party when TCB was starting to make noise in the fandom. Heck, back in 2015-2016, I didn’t know about the music scene too much. Much less was I in the fandom. The magic that TCB was only starting to make back then when “Tanks for the memories” aired in season five. Notably, you take a step back as you listen to the original, then listen to the VIP released three years later. You hear the difference. In the mixing, composition, and dynamic use of Dashe’s vocal chops from “I’ll Fly, ” you also notice the evolution of TCB’s famous deep bass and harmonic manipulation to the melodies getting better.

(Continued below the break)

Just like Rainbow Dash with Tank. TCB had grown, learned, and evolved; WE now come to P@D: Oceansong with an emphatic statement from TCB that he is one of the very best producers in the brony music community! A VIP of a VIP. This version flows with fantastic smoothness, building soft at the start, vibing with those buzzing harmonics, then dropping into an electronic orchestra. In and out with the most remarkable use of RD’s vocal chops, wow. The rest of the song builds to what I like to call “I’ve grown so much!” The finale is this mix of the vocal chops with this dramatic bass and grin melodies that the pitch rises more and more, giving you goosebumps and how far TCB has come. RD as the centerpiece of this series of songs is fitting because she grew and evolved before becoming a Wonderbolt. This track is symbolic of TCB’s growth as becoming one of the best in the fandom. Remember me saying I could not entirely tell you everything due to me joining the fandom late? I bought a teammate and someone that understands just how musically TCB’s has grown over the years! EPT, my friend, the floor is yours!

(ExplodingPonyToast’s part)

Thanks Drake. TCB has had an interesting progression over the years as in my opinion his music has always pushed in interesting directions both in terms of sound design and compositional and emotive direction, even if it wasn’t so polished in other areas to begin with. Now that their production skills have caught up with those other aspects in the last year or two, it’s really great to see these ideas iterated upon to create new versions of past releases. This piece especially impresses me with how it blends memorable vocal chops and an emotional build to begin with, before going in hard with some powerful sound design. Melodic and yet also fairly gritty, it keeps the emotion of the introduction of the track whilst also giving it a strong payoff. The soundscape of the track also doesn’t get bland like some melodic tracks can do at times, due to switch ups like the more orchestral-oriented break and the aggressive second drop that makes good use of negative space to give more impact to the punchy drum and synth hits. As always, TCB shows why they’re one to watch and I’m looking forward to how they continue to create awesome and unique experiences like this one!

(end of EPT’s part)

I believe EPT and myself have given you, the listeners, a full circle of the growth of TCB, and frankly, they deserve to be called as Vylet Pony said in the comments, “dude, your now one of the very best in the fandom”, As always This Qilin and EPT ask you to judge for yourself.


2 thoughts on “[P@D] TCB – Forever Is Nothing | Future Bass

  1. Piximal64 says:

    This was fantastic! I enjoyed listening to this, and it definitely has more emotion to it than the original. This is definitely a gem of a piece, and I believe both Drake and ETP did a great job in describing its awesomeness.😊👌

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