Elias Frost – Stories: Intermezzo | Album | Hybrid Orchestral

(DrakeEmberHeart and Simon TheMadHatterBrony co-write the following article.)

(Continued after the break)

(Start of Drakes Part)

Hello, my fellow bronies! I hope you are ready for something novel. Elias Frost, up till now, at least to me, was someone I saw these epic metal covers of some of favorite MLP cannon song, After hearing this album, however, my word he can go as a pure musical composer. From the opening, “when storied become legends,” It hits you hard with everything those six mares have gone through in nine seasons. The track sets the tone with the album. This overarching opening score, as Elias says, is reminding you, “Friendship is Magic.” well always been in our hearts. The score, which reminds me of opening OTS of epic movies and video games! It goes right into your heart as a brony, paying tribute to Ms. Lauren Faust’s idea of the Grand Adventure of these characters. Hang on because each character is about to get their own stories in the form of epic movie scores! Allow Simon and me to give you the best view; let’s go!

–2 fast 2 the Rainbow (Rainbow Dash)

My goodness! If you’re a Dashie fan like myself, then this score is heaven! Ever imagine RD as a superhero or action star as a member of the wonderbolts? This track is what it would sound like! The score builds and feeds off Rainbow Dash’s character. The slow, epic heroic horns tell her story, Her loyal and daring nature, Her will to win, and her courage and power to fight. Elias says these things with some fantastic guitar solos and heavy metal elements, and the booming use of his melodies and instrumentals is “SOOOO AWESOMEEEE!”

Rain-drowned City (Rarity)

If Rarity ever wanted to walk in the hooves of Shadow Spade. This score would be true to life—dark, Gritty, Treacherous, all with some sexy style. That how Rarity rolls. The score combines “noir-film smooth jazz and sax for beauty and fashion. Melodies to fuel drama and tension; that’s where the dark and thrilling elements of the instrumentals play into the aspects of the diva investigator on the case. It is not just tracking down a killer but something more supernatural. The thriller and horror tones in this track balance the style of Rarity, and it’s pretty good!

The Spy Who Made Me Smile (Pinkie Pie)

Pinkie Pie is a lot of things, and She also seems to know more than she lets on. In espionage, the pink pony of fun brings it in this track. If you think about it, Pinkie is a perfect spy in all of the cartoonish ways. This track tells that tale as she is an epic movie of adventure, funk, and fun. Elias delivers, creating an atmosphere that brings that out full of fun elements, smooth funky beats, vocals, and classic spy movie melodies. Pinkie is the Secret Agent of fun!

–Equallektiv (Villain Starlight Glimmer)

If you want deep-cutting anger and suspense with sinister undertones? That would speak of this track about Starlight Glimmer time as a cult leader. Starlights vision for equality for ponies rings with her master vision with the score of this track. It starts with this chilling opening that you feel Starlight’s deep anger of her childhood; Those vocal chops then ring out in her head. The crazy unicorn mare then sets things in motion with determination as this powerful balled of the ’80s themed rock and orchestra ring out of Starlight’s grand plan of sameness will not be stopped. I do honesty show that maybe Starlight should stay a villain.

–Crystal Heart (Princess Cadance)

Ah, this takes us back to the season two finale! Now, THIS is how you play up to a character like Cadance and the kind of lady she is. The hopes and dreams of the princess of love and her desire to show that meaning of love to Shining Armor. This track has a dreamy and romantic ensemble of melodies! A shimming harp, a classy ballroom band with pomp and glamor, Elias put together a softer and more fairy tail track that gives meaning to the word love! This music does justice to Cadance!

I pass this to my Buddy simon now!

(Start of Simon’s Part:)

Well, here we are back with some lovely orchestral to charm your ears and soul, perfect for a casual listen through or to just give the orchestral nerds their fix, but who am I telling this, Drake has already told you what this thing has to offer, so let’s get right into the last few tracks!

— Bats and Butterflies (Fluttershy)

We get a lovely, exciting, yet very calming melody for our beloved yellow pegasus with this happy and upbeat sound. Still, later on, we get this darker sound with a choir, a few modified struggles she has to face, soon the sound changes again to this more electronic sound, while some darker elements stay some happier elements also join them.

— Orchard Rival (Applejack)

This one starts with a more western sound to it, like the music you hear in the revolver standoff of your favorite cowboy movie. It has got everything down to at, from the guitar to the bells. Even the whistling and wind howling, but then comes the big thing that makes this unique; the western cowboy sound is joined by a more native American sounding choir, making for an excellent combination that you would not expect to work as well does.

— Seek and take it over (pre-reformation Tempest)

This one starts with a kind of mysterious melody, like a step into the unknown, or just maybe like seeing a unicorn with a broken horn. Soon though, the music gets quicker and a bit scary, like a high-speed chase through a city, and it takes on a more military twist with drums and an epic choir. Soon we continue this chase music again with the drums now giving it more the sound of a battle and a beautiful brass part to end on.

— Noctem Aeterna (Stories version) (Luna)

This next one is long, clocking in at a whopping 12 minutes. This is the longest song from the album. It starts with this sinister melody and the chime of a bell. The music sounds dark and evil and has this tortured sound to it. Soon the tune changes to this very high sound that will send chills down your spine, something you would want to see in your horror movie even! After a bit, a choir joins in, ramping up the sinister vibe even more. After an audible build-up, we get to this darker part adorned by a piano and the constant music howl that slowly grows louder until it just disappears; in the process of this happening twice, the piano also changes a bit. After a more silent passage, the piece changes completely. A more hopeful sounding chorus replaces the sinister choir, and instead of the creaking and howling melody come lighter, more hopeful strings. Still, soon we get something different, the softer, more hopeful parts. Mix with the darker sinister parts to create a beautiful harmony. Our following change comes in the form of a chilling piano solo that slowly grows lighter and happier, and soon strings join in to make it all sound even more hopeful, and even a solo opera singer joins in. W end this stunning ride with another combination of pretty much everything you can throw at an orchestral piece for a spectacular final harmony. You might have realized that this song changes quite a few times; this is because this song is three, the original Noctem Aeterna, Noctem Aeterna II, and The End of the Nightmare.

— Celestials (Celestia)

For this last piece, we get an overall happy atmosphere with stronger electronic influences combined with choirs. Towards the middle, we get a small part where the synths shine and show us the strength of hybrid orchestral pieces. Later on, we get this lovely combination of synths, a piano, strings, and some more instruments. This track also symbolizes the passing of power onto Twilight.

(end of simon’s part)

This album was honesty a treat to hear these unique tracks that told close and personal stories of each of the show’s characters, with the music fitting them to a key! You want to hear this! As always, this Qilin and that crazy pegasus ask you to judge for yourself!


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