Equestrian Terror Corps – Derpy’s S**tcore Extravaganza​!​!​! | Compilation Album | S**tcore / Hardcore

hmh language

This ALL-OUT-ATTACK! The article is co-written by DrakeEmberHeart and Simon The MadHatterBrony.
I also want to give a massive warning of adult content and language in this album why funny is not for everyone!

(Continued after the break)

(Start of Drakes Part)

This album is not something you come across every day, and I mean that in the style of music done here. I can tell you the genre that this album mostly is very much a thing. The Group over at ETC’s released this album back on April fools day for good reason. The wild nature of this album is the understatement of the year as to why they did this, and I’m not sure how Simon or I can take this seriously as we write this article, LOL. I want you to imagine Derpy helping most musicians make and mix these tracks and leave her unsupervised! That is what S**Tcore is. And it makes for a musical comedy that is the most bizarre and hilarious even for ETC’s nature! As I listened to this album, I found myself laughing so hard at the nature of this album that words really can not do justice. I will leave it to make music that is purposely poorly produced for the sake of entertainment and absurdity that why is not for everyone and utter nonsense that will turn listeners away. It takes a lot of talent to make it work and be funny. BIG difference between tracks that are unintentionally just awful. I will just shut my trap and let you listen for yourself. Let get to it and have a look! Here are five tracks I found done well and gut-busting funny!

Drakes featured five!


“What you’re about to hear is very disturbing indeed.”

SpinScissor, what in Celestia did you LET derpy do! And how did you have enough bits to get Hank Hill to appear in this track! My word, where do I start with this track. It begins with a bang, and it sounds like that can’t decide if it was hardcore or more than like Derpy trying to homebrew metal with fookin a power drill LOL. Then after hank hill pops in, we have this hilarious mix of bass, and for some reason, the sounds of power grinder on metal. No wonder RD says: I think I threw my neck out”. Next, we get this complicated melody of what sounds like a demon guitar that derpy found in the pits of Tartarus mixed with hairdryer. I know the mare means well, but no wonder I hear Spin coming in and screaming like death itself, LOL. I got to give you Spin, the song was, bizarre and all the pony vocal chops played into this track well, especially at the end with Derpy telling you she didn’t know what when wrong. If your idea was to have derpy try to make strange sound effects in your music, she did it hilariously. What way to get this started off, LOL. Mind don’t you take these tracks too seriously.

2. PoniPlague x Ponut Pulse – Shit to the Core

*Facepalms not sure if he should cringe or laugh at this track and its over 15 mins of this glorious crap!*

This track happens when Let derpy takes control of making this music, encouraging it, and showing her enough memes to fill her head with ideas! So dash this giant track that, let face it, a monster-sized meme fest with a who’s in vocal chops and some interesting mish-mashes some known music from games and t/v shows (can you guess then all LOL). There are pony vocal chops all over the place, and that ending with “One winged Angel being mish-mashed with this P.B.T PSA is then transitioning into messed up vocal mix of “apple to the core” is a riot! And you know what, Dash did an exciting job with the consistent pace, and using terrorcore was pretty neat to feed the mood. I got to hand it to you Dash, You made comedy gold here, just soo messed up LOL.

  1. Nyancat380 – The $420,000 Derpy’s MuffinI will make this short and sweet for you. This is Nyancat! We are talking about here; The musician is out of his mind. What do you think is going to happen here. Oh, I don’t know. Let’s have derpy make a track about a pop-tart cat trying to take one of Derpyis prized muffins. A fight breaks out so hard, and we have a war going on in the old school game of Galaga. YEAH, this is what that sounds like. (my god, Nyancat, you’re going to make someone go crazy with this), One of the more bizarre world tracks on the album for sure! “Nyancat why did you even let derpy do this!! You nut! GOD!!)
  1. r_chase & Nyancat380 – 69 LMAOPlease, Please, r_Chase and Nyancat, DO not let Derpy play with the radio again! Oh my god, the mixing in this track is like someone playing wack-a-moe with mixing and can’t control the pace! Unlike other songs in this album, the mixing is random vocal chops in utter nonsensical nonsense. Still, if you listen close, there’s a Brillant method to this madness about how to liven up mainstream radio! Letting derpy be the DJ! trust me, why laughing you want to scream into a pillow? I am not joking! Geez, what did I just listen too? Do I have my santy still.
  1. Crapbeat – l34v3 1t 4LL 2 m3


I just can’t at this point.,, Cloudbeat. My dude, did you and derpy sit down and decided, “let’s take the loudest and earsplitting parts of terrorcore and mix it with acid? This mess twists and throws up on itself not sure where the heck it’s going. Then we get this weird guitar riff combined with DDR style boss music, then ending it with what sounds like someone doing their business in Mr. Anderson’s tool shed (a running gag in Beavis and butthead), yet this is lord of chaos when it comes to making this kind of stuff. Cloudbeat managed to make a whole set of CMC theme, building to nonsense mixed with terrorcore! The whole SET! and random pony vocal chops.. And you can not look away because it is too funny! Ok, I’m Done, Simon you up with this album!

(End of Drake’s Part)

(Start of Simon’s Part)

People who know me personally know that I always have something to say, may it be an opinion on something, a dumb comment, or maybe just a string of letters to show my thoughts on something. This album is one of the very rare occasions where I have no idea where even to start, and thankfully Drake has already given you a good overview of the general gist; in the truest form I can describe it, it is an f#@king s#@tfest. So now follow me as we go through my five songs, trying not to delay everything by laughing our butts off for hours.

Simons featured five!

  1. Cynifree – I forgot about the deadline, and all I have is a muffin and gorilla glue

First up is this track by Cynifree.

This track is a relatively simple one consisting of the beat and a melody. Usually, this is the point where I explain that songs like this one are perfect for just putting on in the background, but not this one. This one demands all your attention.


Remember this time when everyone in a five-mile radius was listening to some form of chiptune? Well, this song will bring back that good old cursed time, with a chiptune melody just like in the old days accompanied by all sorts of new elements, a bit closer to the end we leave behind the chiptune, unlike that one annoying friend that is still pumping it wherever he goes. In the spirit of exactly this guy, this song ends on a bit more chiptune melody.

  1. Cuntspiltterkor – Pony Nightcore Is 4 Polish Dwizko’s (Pika Girl Remix Anime S#@ S#@t)

(Is giving a language warning on this album even required? Just look at the title xD)

The remix name explains it pretty well. This one isn’t quite as s#@tcore-y as my other previous features but goes more towards some good old happy hardcore, and in combination with the pokemon lyrics, this one might be my favorite, and then it ended in a fart sound. No, I’m not kidding. It did, listen to it yourself if you don’t believe me!

  1. XER0 – Derpy visits the local Weenie Hut Senior and shits in your Cheerios and it’s funny. She then proceeds to f#@k the karaoke microphone whilst blasting a low quality Amen Break loop. Her final Act is Busting some serious @ss and getting Thanos snapped out of existence.

I showed this title to a friend of mine shortly after this album dropped; his only response was laughter, he didn’t even manage to let out a sound of surprise, just laughing his butt off, and in the spirit of the title, the song is a god dang mess.

5. Twisted Tail Kings – Give you my love

Ok, for this song, I have to engage in serious mode for just a second… who am I kidding? I’m still gonna make this tongue and cheek, but to get that out of the way, this is likely the best song on the album, and this one actually deserves a proper write-up, so here we go!

This song starts with a riser, and then pretty much everything sets in simultaneously. We get a build-up, and we get a more hardstyle-ish melody with still some s#@tcore elements left for the drop. After this first drop, we go straight away into a second, even better drop before calming back down to the old drop and some more s#@tcore elements. Next up, we get a clapping beat followed by a build-up and then a drop to smack you out of your chair, this drop pretty much goes like the last one, and then the song ends.

(End of Simon’s Part)

Thank you, Simon, So I have nothing more to say. I hope whoever listens to this will give the musicians some credit because it could not be easy to make something like this, and that takes an exceptional talent to make something so god awful sound this funny and over the top! As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


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