Daniel Ingram – Cafeteria Song (Lexie Remix) | Future Funk

Well, everypony, the very first Equestria Girls movie might have been out for a while now (8 years!), but that doesn’t mean that we won’t still get awesome remixes of its songs! Today, I bring to you a great new remix by Lexie. This track starts out right away with the lyrics and then quickly brings in the funk. We also get this awesome bass guitar (that goes on through pretty much the entire song) followed soon by some great, funky synths and even some trumpets! Soon we get into some awesome vocal chops and a backspin effect, which I didn’t expect to hear, but it certainly increases the funk of this song! As we leave the vocal chops we get back to the normal lyrics with some more bass and some more trumpets. We end this track with some more of the great vocal chops.
This was proofread by the great theCANderson. Big thanks to him!


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