Vanessa Hudgens – Gonna Be My Day (Lexie Remix) | Future Bass

Well, it wasn’t long ago that Lexie suddenly appeared on our radars as a musician, and since then they have created songs of genres everywhere from Future Funk (a genre I didn’t know existed before that) to House to producing DnB, both on their own and in a collaboration with Tw3Lv3. Their latest offering, a Future Bass track, also happens to be a remix of the brand new G5 song! I really loved the original, and if you remember my “Best of Friends” BlackIceMusic remix article, you already know that I’m pretty cautious of remixes of songs that I love, but not with this one, Lexie has won me over with their previous works, so I was expecting a banger, but sweet Celestia, I was not prepared for how good this song is! The song starts out with a few beats of the original opening, but then Lexie quickly engages their talent with a fun, upbeat melody to go along with the awesome vocals courtesy of Vanessa Hudgens. As the vocals get into the build up, so does the remix. Intro-ed by an awesome guitar riff, we jump into an amazing drum build up, and along with vocal build up, here comes the drop! The drop is amazing–rarely has something gotten me jumping this hard on my first listen-through, and we get this awesome, video game-ish melody together with some vocals. Then we come to the part that made me shake my head in surprise (and still does): we get, still inside the drop, a quick build-up into what I can only call a drop inside the drop, intro-ed by my exact reaction I get every time listening to this remix. At the end of the drop we get yet another build up that goes straight into the next part of the song! Here we calm down a bit, getting a breather after all the jumping we just did, but it doesn’t last long before Lexie jumps straight back to another build up and yet another drop that does everything just as well as the first one did, and this drop takes us to the end of the song. This remix is a banger and certainly one of my favourites (if not my straight-up favorite) remix of all time!
Proofread by theCANderson; big thanks to him!


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