Nyancat380 – Clear My Head | Glitch-Hop

What a cool song and lyrics video! The video opens with the viewer flying down a train track with some terrific Rarity art (that Nyancat380 made themself!) in the foreground with a clean but spicy arrangement of synths and percussion that create a classic hip hop vibe in a totally original way. The melancholy atmosphere is reinforced by the lyrics, which tell an unhappy story of Rarity struggling with self-doubt. Things really start to feel out of control when the tempo picks up, and the fantastic instrumental section after the drop is full of glitchy goodness and ends with a perfect vocal chop. All of the song’s elements are then fantastically spliced together in the following section in a way that fits the theme of the song so well. The song finishes dramatically, a fitting end to the psychological storm.


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