The Dust Car Dash – Charity Grand Prix | Compilation Album | Multi-Genre

Hello, everypony, and welcome to this amazing undertaking of fandom creativity and goodwill! It’s always special when artists come together for a good cause, and this album, created in part to raise money for the Tenacious Unicorn Ranch, is an amazing effort by the members of Dustcar. More information on the ranch and album downloads are available through the Bandcamp site, so please check that out and support everyone involved in this project. The artists all created songs with the goal of making a song that’s “something that holds a bit of yourself in it”, and it shows in how much heart is in these tracks. Please go grab the album and get ready to experience some exceptional exploits of equine excellence!

(Continued below the break)

Foozogz – Be the Light: What a wonderful way to kick off the album! Foozogz sends this thing flying out of the gate in typically ebullient fashion with a beautiful message. Fast paced beats and swirling synths interspersed with ethereal breaks and uplifting lyrics urge the listener to be a positive force in the world.

Toasterless – Earth Pony Haven: A warm, wonderful song full of folky, acoustic goodness and heartfelt lyrics about the importance of finding a place to call home.

Chuckles – Hearth’s Warming in Summertime: This ponified (and holidayfied) version of “Cheeseburger in Paradise” is pretty much the most magical thing ever. Fantastic vocals and lyrics combine with gentle keys and sleigh bells to transport the listener to a festive summer scene in Ponyville. Cannonball!

Berry, Green Apple, Soulful Serenade, Snowy Charm – Living in Harmony: Wonderfully uplifting and enjoyable song about the importance of friends, self-acceptance, and following your muse. Joyful vocals and instrumental work are sure to brighten your day. Death to cringe!

Juice Box, Replacer – More: A blissful, chippy, synthy dreamscape full of processed vocal goodness. Beautifully captures the essence of the heady days of new love and the insatiable urge to have it fill your world.

Maddie Tourmaline – Recalling: Gentle instrumentation lopes along through the rain until the arrangement ramps up into a bittersweet cinematic soundscape before drifting to a gentle close. Amazingly evocative of its title, it feels like getting caught up in a strong memory.

SOUNDBANDIT – SPIKEZAPPED: A fun tune with a great vibe, this song is a trip to those times when finding some time to chill is the main priority. Great vocals float over catchy melodies and a slick beat.

goat – Steel Cored: A pleasingly crunchy, buzzy plea for the fortitude to survive the daily grind and gain self-certainty. The song is raw and engaging as melodic angst bounces over grinding guitars.

Candy Yunagi – Striking the Friendship Jackpot (The Happy Lucky Pony Song) (feat. ~ Avery ~, Chuckles, & and the rainfall): A wonderful song about growing out of the uncertainty of youth and finding friendships that provide support and guidance. There are so many wonderful references to the show that will delight anyone who has experienced this through the fandom! The instrumental arrangement and heartfelt vocals are an invitation to celebrate the memories and growth that we share and look forward to the good times to come!

Kat – Take me back with a Lullaby: Kat’s wistful, gentle vocals drift over a laid back groove and classic beat in this melancholy wish for times gone by and lament for the persistence of time.

brambleshadow4 – Tempest: The song starts gently as an ethereal, chippy melody and ambience accompany simple percussion. However it soon ramps up with a couple of tense synth lines as it becomes clear that the listener is caught up in the Tempest! A piano picks up the melody in the middle of the song and fits really nicely into the arrangement before the situation becomes dire. Wonderfully intense!

ashes2day – The Grandest Ball: The spare delivery at the opening of the song seems out of touch with its title, but this track has a delightful emotional gravity delivered with soft vocals. Sometimes it’s hard to rise above the pain and damage, but a loving heart will always find beauty.

~ Avery ~ – Til it’s Over: A fun, rocking tune depicting an amusing struggle between Rarity and Sweetie Belle to resolve their differences when Rarity gets caught up in her work. The two voices play off of each other fantastically, and the playful instrumental work is a perfect accompaniment. 

Evershade – Weight of the World (Why Even Bother): A great song about a younger Fluttershy overcoming self-doubt with the help of her friends. The different negative thoughts by which it is so easy to get caught up are layered together nicely and contrasted with the positive desires, and the vocals are perfect for this song. The end feels like a true triumph!

Chompy the Diamond Dog – You Belong: A wonderful acoustic tribute to the Mane 6 combined with a heaping dose of much appreciated affirmation. This track really channels the magic and positive energy of finding a place in this community. Definitely listen if your brain needs a hug and a high five!

Direct Current – You’re No Better: What if Moondancer hadn’t forgiven Twilight for walking out on their friendship in “Amending Fences”? While Twilight went off to Ponyville and gained friends easily, Moondancer was left behind and had to come to terms with abandonment and struggling to make friends. Direct Current examines these events and what transpires in the episode through the alternate lens of Moondancer choosing to reject any further relationship with Twilight with the message that “people don’t owe you forgiveness, and sometimes the best kindness you can give them is to leave after your apology”. The artist relates this story through forward lyrics delivered via gentle vocals and a subdued but powerful orchestral arrangement. Not every story has a happy ending, but the protagonist grows through the pain and comes out stronger on the other side, and that in and of itself is a victory. 

…And that brings us to the conclusion of the album. I hope that you enjoyed this wonderful effort as much as I did! Definitely follow the Dustcar group if you aren’t already to keep up with their fantastic creative efforts, and please support the Tenacious Unicorn Ranch however you can, because everypony should have a safe and accepting home! Also, special thanks to Direct Current for providing some wonderful insight into the album and their track.


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