Glimm x Khaliber & DJ Skystorm – Izzy Pop (Dropper Vampire & Varexis Remix) | Big Room House / Electro House

In case you hadn’t heard about it before, Glimm, Khaliber, and DJ Skystorm held a remix contest for their song “Izzy Pop“, and some fantastic artists got on board! Then they made the whole thing avaliable for free on Bandcamp! Legends. Speaking of legends, you’ve probably heard a few tracks from Dropper Vampire and Varexis before, and for good reason. The two super skilled artists created this awesome collaboration, which sounds like it’s being pumped from the speakers of Equestria’s hottest club! The fantastic vocals and melody from the original are carried over here, and the backing instrumental is pumped full of dark, vibrant energy, creating a lively and highly danceable soundscape. Great effects and sound design throughout meld perfectly with synths and dialed in bass to create a super satisfying remix. Check it out and get your day pumping!


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