Songbird Choir – Legacy | Orchestral

With Generation 5’s release of “Legacy” right on our doorstep, many of us in this community find ourselves looking back at countless fond memories of G4, the unforgettable legacy it has left behind, and the friendships that will never end! Such is the inspiration behind Songbird Choir’s emotional tribute to the G4 fandom. Both uplifting and melancholic chords comprise this piece with powerful strings and drums flowing throughout, complimented by gentle piano sections. The track’s alternating happy and sad chords highlight the good memories of the show along with the solemnity of saying goodbye to many beloved characters and compelling stories that have captured our imaginations for many years.  Songbird Choir has even created a nostalgic PMV to go along with their commemorative piece. Experience a nostalgic trip down memory lane as “Legacy” immerses you in heartwarming memories of the “magic” that friendship can bring. 


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