PhonyBrony & Feather – I’ll Show You my Loyalty (Aventrix Remix) | Progressive House

(Listen to the original here)
Don’t worry, my friends, this Qilin has not left you or this music scene. I just needed to regroup before getting back into the swing of things!
I come to you with quite the track for my first article in months, A classic remix of one of Feather’s list of the memorable Rainbow Dash tracks she has been a part of in the early days of the fandom. Aventrix takes PhonyBrony lively mix and switches the emotion to something more dreamlike, almost trance vibes to channel Rainbow Dash’s very spirit of loyally and always will be the heart of many bronies even into generation 5. The harmonies fuel the way feather sings those all too powerful vocals of friendship in generation 4. I promise you all, its exciting times for the brony music scene where remixes such as these from the early days of the fandom will mean so much more to fans of this pony music scene with two generations of pony to see new wonders of creativity. Aventrix, I know this song is weeks old, but the timing of this remix could not be better as it is a reminder to remember how we all got here. The lyrics mean more because ponies like Rainbow Dash will always be special. Onward to more fantastic music from this fandom! As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


One thought on “PhonyBrony & Feather – I’ll Show You my Loyalty (Aventrix Remix) | Progressive House

  1. Piximal64 says:

    This is really good music! It has a nice retro feel to it. It’s soft enough to be calming,, yet exciting enough to be engaging. It’s also good to hear you, Mr Qilin, still enjoy writing for things like this. Keep doing what make you happy, and keep rocking on!🤗🎶👍

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