EveryDayDashie – The My Little Pony Symphony | Orchestral

EveryDayDashie heralds the 40th anniversary of My Little Pony with this glorious orchestral piece! The artist makes frequent references to the show’s theme while splitting the song into different sections and varying the arrangement in each one in wonderful ways. The track opens with Overture, which has a classic, cinematic feel; the arrangement then takes on a more acoustic angle before becoming more brass-driven in Beginning of Friendship. A small piano interlude gives way to a marching drum section which ramps up into a full band arrangement in Marching Into Ponyville. Another piano guides the listener into a sparkling field of joyous instruments and urges them to Smile. Friendship Feud carries a delightful tension and intensity featuring some awesome electric guitar. A True True Friend is a blissful return to harmonious friendship, and the Finale is the sweet icing on this musical cake. Taken as a whole, it’s a wonderfully constructed tribute to the show that delights at every turn. Take a bow, EveryDayDashie!


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