TheHeatRush – Chromaticity | Pop Rock



  1. the quality of color, independent of brightness.

You want to talk to musicians ready and able to show their excitement about MLP G5. How about up and comer “The HeatRush” (I dig the OC from one dragon pony to another, LOL). Anyway, this song hits the ground running as you get the vibes that the pony bards and musicians of the modern Equestria are spreading stories already about Sunny Starscout’s feats. You could make the case that this song could be at the end G5 movie. Surprisingly enough, the song’s message is backed by a solid arrangement of positive and uplifting rock with lyrics inspired by G5’s mane 5, overcoming all of the lies, propaganda, racial stigma’s and conspiracy theories to bring back the magic for modern Equestria. Sometimes you need others that feel the way you do to inspire real change. As always, The Qilin asks you to judge for yourself. Let your colors burn bright like the title of this song!


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