[ASOS] SP1TF1R3 – Malicious Intent | Electro Swing / Bounce

ASOS: Eclair presents the little hellion and psychopath only known as Cozy Glow. Let me tell you, that’s the vibe you get from this dive into Electro Swing with some Melbourne bounce courtesy of SP1TF1R3. The vocal chops are only just the taste of this track. Give some props to SP1TF1R3 for trying a radio intro in his song. The beats and bumps of this track will have you swaying with a sick little smile as you hear Cozy’s sweet but little hellion-like laugh sound off in this track. But man, the composition is smooth, buzzing with melodies that take some inspiration from L-train work and blend it with some bounce! Holy crap is working with the energies of Cozy characters like a charm! A banger about Cozy Glow. I am sure a lot of her fans will be pleased with this gem. As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


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