Vanessa Hudgens – Gonna Be My Day (Childlike Wonder Remix) | Future Bass / Future Pop

It’s another G5 remix, and this time we have a wonderful track by Childlike Wonder! The track starts out right away with this lovely beat that pulls you right into the cheery atmosphere of the song. Then, as the vocals set in, we get an awesome melody that supports them really well. As we enter the build up, the vocals of Vanessa Hudgens are joined by the stunning voice of Childlike Wonder himself! Said build up is also supported by some vocal chops that really spice up the mix, and it’s mostly driven by the vocals similarly to the original song. The drop consists of two main parts: the first part showcases a perfect combination of Future Bass and Future Pop thanks to a beautiful instrumental section, while the second part combines the instrumental with more wonderful vocals by both Ms. Hudgens and Childlike Wonder. For the “Aaaaah”, which made the original really memorable, we actually don’t get much of a beat, which is a really fitting variation for the song. Right after that the beat comes back in full swing for another build up and a slightly different drop, which again works with some vocals from Childlike Wonder himself. We end this wonderful piece on a soothing piano melody.
Proofread by theCANderson, all the thanks to him!


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