L-Train – Unicorn Strut | Electro Swing

This song explains how to be a unicorn….in a funky way! L-Train has produced a lot of Electro Swing bangers lately, and this song is no exception! It uses vocal chops from the movie song “Fit Right in”, but it isn’t actually a remix–this is an original piece! The track starts out (as you might have expected) with a gorgeous melody, and then we quickly get the synth bass. As in L-Train’s last song, “Mi Amore”, the synth bass is very present in the track. After a bit of the amazing instrumental we get the first vocals, and at first the bass is the only thing accompanying them before other elements gradually join in. After concluding this part on some more of the amazing instrumental we come to my favourite part of the song: while the beat stays the same, we get a loop of the chops “a unicorn trots” and “our unicorn butts”, as the vocals move from one ear to the other. When they’re in the right ear, you hear “A unicorn trots”, and while they’re in your left ear you hear “our unicorn butts”. This is soon followed by an amazing guitar solo. We end on some more vocal parts followed closely by some more of the lovely instrumental.
This was proofread by theCANderson, big thanks to him!


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