Ken Ashcorp – 20 Percent Cooler (OnlyJustCrazy Remix) | Electro

Well, I certainly didn’t expect this oldschool track to get another remix, but it’s definitely a welcome surprise! OnlyJustCrazy gives this song their very own touch, and the final product is just fantastic! The remix starts out quickly and doesn’t wait long to drop us straight into the vocals, and the early beat is a calmer one that supports the vocals really well. The instrumental builds up bit by bit as the vocals subside for a moment and then come straight back in. After that the beat and melody disappear for a short while only to come back even better! What I also want to mention is that the song uses a bunch of fake build ups that don’t actually lead to drops and give the whole song a really nice feel! We end this fun ride with the entire song slowly fading out.
Proofread by theCANderson, go send him some love!


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