[ASOS] MirroredReality – Oracle | Dark Trance

Today we have an awesome song off of A State of Sugar’s newest album “Eclair”, and once again MirroredReality delivers an absolute masterpiece! The track starts out with some fun Trance melodies and then does a beat switch into this gorgeous melody that is sure to mesmerize you. Suddenly, out of nowhere, comes a build up followed by an awesome drop that will get you out of your chair and jumping! The drop is followed by some more fun melodies that seem to just radiate the energy straight from the Everfree Forest, and then we get some more lead into the build up and a drop that is as fun as the one before. We end this absolute amazing masterpiece with the drop slowly fading into a fun outro melody.
As always proofread by theCANderson, all the thanks to him!


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