Kimiko Glenn – Fit Right In (NYMUND9 Remix) | Electro

Today I bring you yet another awesome remix of the G5 movie song “Fit Right in”, this time courtesy of NYMUND9! The track starts out with a fun Electro melody accompanied by muffled vocals from our favorite unicorn herself. Normally the vocals would slowly start to fade in more, but NYMUND9 does things differently, and in a fun bit of variety the vocals suddenly fully set in, and we go full into the song. As the song goes on the melody slowly builds up with more synths and some fun clapping until it changes slightly for Hitch and Sunny’s part. After a bit the melody builds up and we get sort of a semi drop in mainly a change of melody, again something not a lot of tracks do but something that is definitely very enjoyable! After a bit, we get into a clapping build up that once again doesn’t lead to what you would expect but instead leads into a short part where the vocals are muffled again before once again going full send into very fun electro melodies before we end this song just like a unicorn would!
Proofread by theCANderson, big thanks to him!


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