Whirlwind – Colorless | Dark Ambient

Well, have we got another masterpiece for you about one of our favorite celebrations of the year, this time courtesy of Whirlwind! We start this one out with a bone chilling, echoey melody that will make your skin crawl your every muscle shudder! This is followed by a bone chilling sound that words fail to describe as we get a beat mostly consisting of heavy heartbeats with a few other sounds slowly joining in and forming this eerie, creepshow-like melody. This is interrupted once more by an unidentifiable sound followed closely by a siren in the distance. We then set back in with the prior instruments and ambience of the song a and add some new ones, creating a cacophony of different sounds and emotions that is so fitting for this scary, spooky time of the year. For the end the sounds change up ever so slightly, and the song ends with this very creepy tune that I can’t even describe.
Proofread by theCANderson, big big thanks to him!


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