[ASOS] Sylvver – Psychedelhi | Big Room House

My buddy Sylvver has been trying so hard to make it onto ASOS; When you hear this track, you understand why she just made ASOS: Eclair! A track about traveling the sands of Saddle Arabia, A hero is fighting their way across the desert looking for glory and coming to the aid of friends! The track big room house genre shows here with those big adventurous bass tones, and that melody makes you feel like you are in an epic montage in your pursuit of your enemies! The song starts like you riding off into the night with that build, then transits over to this more serine tone with those harmonies, as if you stoping to plan your next move as you rest before you spot then and ATTACK! Just song picks up again. Sylvver told me this song tells the story of a hero’s epic battle across the dunes of Saddle Arabia; I say a FINE track for your first ever song on ASOS! As always, this Qilin asks you to judge for yourself.


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