SpinScissor – Every Year | Alternate Electronic / Breakcore

Who does not miss that unique style of the cool and old internet times? well, Inspired in the good glamour of SoGreatandPowerful’s PMVs, My best fella, SpinScissor delivered us this magnific and nostalgic track about the coolest pony in all of ponyville. You guessed it! Rainbow Dash. The track begins with some rhodes that for just a few moments, resemble the of so iconic main theme of the series, man, you know this gonna be epic. Then and suddenly, we hear some great vocal chops accompanied with cool and glitchy breaks and a gritty bassline. The whole track is a vibe, full with all kinds of wonders, some fresh piano chords and a truly beautiful message at the end from SpinScissor. Please, do not hesitate and listen to this 20% cooler song!


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