Vanessa Hudgens – Gonna Be My Day (Koron Korak Remix) | Electro House

And now for something a bit different! For this remix Koron Korak recreates the original melody and then offsets it from the vocals, creating what sounds like a conversation between the singer and the arrangement. The arrangement itself has a really cool vibe to it that channels the warm, summery feeling of the background art. The chorus pumps up the arrangement and introduces a jazzy saxophone melody, an unexpected but awesome choice. It’s definitely the instrumental that drives this song, and the vocals, though left largely unaltered, function more like another instrument. The bridge adds a great chippy synth that soars along with the vocals before the saxophone takes over at the end and steals the show. This is a thorough, thoughtful exploration and reimagining of the original, and the effort is very much appreciated.


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