Koron Korak – DJ Scales and Tail | Hardstyle

Are you ready for the best rave in all Ponyville? Well, our friend Koron Korak is bringing us this totally awesome hardstyle banger, featuring the one and only DJ Scales and Tail! (a.k.a Spike the Dragon). Together, they’re inviting us to dance and celebrate all night long! The track starts with a punchy distorted kick that hits you right in the face, and some brutal vocal chops from tonight’s host. As the song progresses, an entire symphony of leads and synths come in to make the party even harder! The whole track will make you move and groove your pony body to the rapid rhythm of the beat. Although this song is a bit short, it’s a fantastic taste of what a pony rave should sound like. The only thing left to say is that this track is definitely SPIKED! (P.S. congrats for the 1k bro <3)


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