Violin Melody – So Many Wubs | Trance

Ok, who is ready for a colorful trip to the 90’s trance (with Ponies!)? In that case, prepare yourself for this cute and punchy song by Violin Melody. This track starts with a powerful kick and a very cool rhythm full of all kinds of percussion. From the beginning we can feel the whole vibe of this song–suddenly (as if the sky was opening) we can hear some cool vocal chops from our favorite pony, Fluttershy, accompanied by a cute arp as well. This song is full of nostalgic feelings, and I can easily imagine this song being played in a rave full of ponies and pegasi dancing together! After an energetic and gritty lead that makes a good contrast with the little arp, we get a little break, and it’s like the song is breathing before heading higher up in the sky. Then it releases an explosion of color with more vocal chops and a very inspiring and nostalgic chord progression. I’m doing my best, but I can’t fully describe the awesomeness of this song! Violin Melody always provides us with professional quality songs that resonate with our souls, and this one is no exception, so check it out! I’m sure you will find a pleasant surprise with this track!


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