Nyancat380 – Sixty Twenty Twelve (feat. SpinScissor) | Latin / Electronic

Nyancat380 continues building their “Methodic Ways to Break a Mind” album with this fantastic track! The song has an AMAZING groove thanks to its fusion of Latin instrumentation and EDM elements. It kicks off with the sounds of a crowded club before launching into a brisk beat and horns melody. Then it jumps into the main bass groove and the vocals (heck yeah for the awesome lyric video!), and all the accompanying percussion and effects build the arrangement beautifully. The call and response between the vocals and horns heading into the chorus really reinforces the awesome club vibe. Then a breakdown after the second verse pares the arrangement down to a bit of melody and spare percussion which sets up the eventual resumption of the vocals and horns beautifully. The “Cool AF Spin Scissor Solo!” (love the description) adds another dynamic element to the track, and Spin Scissor’s guitar supports the track to the end. The song is ridiculously groovy, dynamic, and polished, and I can’t wait for the rest of the album and pieces of the story! Bonus: there’s also an acapella version of the track if you want to get your remix on!


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