RedSpark – Dragon Magic | Epic Orchestral

RedSpark brings us this truly incredible piece, an epic orchestral song about one of the most dangerous yet majestic creatures in all of Equestria, you guessed it, the Dragons! (and about Ember the dragon, more precisely). The track begins with a really deep and eerie bass, that is gradually getting accompanied by a gentle shakuhachi (that RedSpark played himself!), it’s as if both instruments were exploring harmonies with a delicate melody. Very slowly, but with all the determination, the piece grows, an agile string instrument and a heavy drum kick can be heard, the instruments are building tension through this introduction, but like a shocking blaze, all the instruments arrive at a first climax. Some Horns build the terrain for the next section, the strings and the shakuhachi make a great sound landscape. But little by little, the strings are striking harder, and the horns are getting louder, moreover, you can feel more tension, the harmonies and the melodies are going higher and higher, until a drum fill make them release, only for a few seconds, when another climax appears, it’s monumentally awesome (man, I got goosebumps when I heard that part), all gets more imposing and majestic, no words can describe how epic it sounds. So please, listen to it out! And I’m completely sure you will find a pleasant surprise.


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